The Only Medical Outsourcing Solutions You Need

Operating a healthcare business is challenging. Your expertise is continuously put to the test with every patient you serve. You also need to balance your actual medical work with administrative tasks, like organizing appointments and promoting your practice online.

If you want to focus on your core business, outsource these menial tasks to Accolade Consultants. Our medical outsource company is a product of Dr. Stephen Broomes’ expert knowledge and experience in both medicine and information technology.


Ease your administrative workload by using our licensed and trained medical staff for your administrative tasks. Whether you’re looking for a virtual assistant for general work or a virtual scribe for more specialized assignments, our team takes care of your needs.


There’s no need for you to buy and install expensive server equipment to use our service. You may access our web-based platform using only a web browser. It also gives you the flexibility to work with our virtual staff anytime, anywhere, and on any modern device.

About our Founder

Accolade Consultants was founded by Stephen H. Broomes, MD, a board-certified internal medicine physician. He has been in practice as a hospitalist for more than two decades and has been in various medical settings, from hospital administration to critical care.


Dr. Broomes served as a primary care physician early in his career with Kaiser Permanente in Atlanta. He then moved to a hospitalist position for a variety of healthcare providers in Georgia, like Apogee Physicians Group, Eastside Medical Center, IN Compass Health, King Edward Memorial Hospital, WellStar Physicians Group, and more.

Physician Entrepreneur

Dr. Broomes has extensive experience in the insurance industry. He handled veterans’ domestic and international examinations to provide diagnostic evidence of their disability, so they can get benefits that fit them. He’s completed over 75 types of disability benefits questionnaires for thousands of veterans.


In 2013, Dr. Broomes combined his diverse knowledge and experience in medicine, insurance, law, information technology, and more to build Accolade Consultants. Since then, he’s been improving the healthcare industry’s cost-effectiveness through expert medical outsourcing services.

Meet the Team

Accolade Consultants continues to provide cost-effective and profit-generating medical outsourcing services to healthcare businesses across the country. With advanced web-based technology and flexible pricing models, we offer customized and high-quality assistance to doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.

Our portfolio of services ranges from virtual assistants to specialized medical scribes and expert witnesses.

 We continue to grow and provide quality outsourcing services to our clients because of our elite team of licensed medical professionals.

Broome is an experienced internal medicine physician who has worked in hospitals and insurance firms. His professional and personal experience in healthcare allows him to create customized solutions for each client. Our current business model is based on his expertise in direct patient care and technology.

Kimberly has almost two decades of healthcare marketing experience. She continues to improve on the firm’s business model to deliver better solutions to our clients.